Why Choose Egan Landscape Group?

Welcome to a different kind of customer experience in landscape services!

From excellence in landscape services, materials and workmanship, to the people we employ, our landscape company is committed to the highest standards. Our management works with our foreman and crew members to ensure that each job is completed to these standards. We are reminded of the value we bring to our landscaping customers through their reviews, emails, and repetitive thanks. We are not like typical landscape companies, we are so much more.

We Are Local Landscapers

Egan Landscape Group is a professional landscaping company serving the Plymouth area. We live here, we work here, and have for years.

We are committed to work for you

When you request a quote from us, our Accounts Manager will schedule a time that is convenient for you, to walk your property and relay your wants and needs. We will then create a customize quote, with what was discussed, and submit it to you. When the quote is accepted, we will then give you an estimated time on when the work will be completed. Lastly, our foreman and crew members will complete the job to our high standards.

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