Residential Maintenance

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Residential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential MaintenanceResidential Maintenance
Residential Maintenance
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Residential Maintenance
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Residential Maintenance
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Residential Maintenance
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Experts in Landscape Maintenance

If there is a company that you should trust for your landscape maintenance needs, that would be us at Egan Landscape Group. Our maintenance team is composed of seasoned maintenance crews and experts in the fields of horticulture and plant sciences. Meanwhile, our company is managed by highly experienced people with formal education in landscape care and maintenance. These capabilities and credentials are just some of the reasons why property owners choose our maintenance services.

Customizable Services

Egan Landscape Group offers customizable professional maintenance services to residential customers. Our customers are guaranteed of excellent landscape maintenance service, regardless of the size of their property or the kinds of plantings they have. Our goal is to make their landscapes look clean and maintained all year round. Customers can choose from the list below of services they wish to receive.

Maintenance Services We Offer

Egan Landscape Group is a one-stop shop for all your landscape maintenance needs. We offer comprehensive tree and shrub care services and lawn mowing for all types of properties. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Cleanups: We take pride in our cleanups. Whether it is a spring cleanup, getting your property prepared for the season, or a fall cleanup, removing all of the leaves, debris, and the proper cutbacks, we can do it all.

  • Disease Control: Fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and viruses are some of the common diseases of lawn, trees, and shrubs. If taken for granted, they can result in total devastation. They may also affect other plantings in the landscape, which can become a maintenance nightmare for property owners. You can avoid this from happening by calling specialists like us. We can create a proper schedule for your prevention or treatment of your landscape.

  • Edging and Mulching: We typically edge and mulch in the springtime with the cleanup. However, if new beds are added, or you want to spruce things up, we can certainly edge and mulch the entire landscape season. Our crews are trained in creating meticulously edged beds and know the proper amount of mulch to apply. The application of mulch to your property is important not only aesthetically, but it also prevents weeds and holds in water for the plants. This is why it is necessary to mulch each year.

  • Lawn Mowing: The mow crews at Egan Landscape Group are properly trained on all equipment used to cut the lawn. They cut at the correct height, string trim the perimeter, and blow off any debris.

  • Shrub Pruning: Our knowledgeable crews will know the best pruning and timing for each species, to ensure proper pruning. We highly recommend these services to enhance the appeal and safety of your property.

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  • Transplanting: If you have trees and shrubs that need to be transferred to another location in your landscape, we can help you. We use appropriate techniques and methods to avoid causing damages to the trees or nearby structures. Our complete tools allow us to perform replanting jobs easily and promptly.

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: We have the right tools for trimming and pruning. Our foreman and crews are all properly trained and knowledgeable of safe pruning techniques.

  • Weeding: Our educated maintenance crews are trained in identifying weeds from plants. They are trained in the proper removal of the weeds, to prevent them from returning.

For reliable maintenance services, contact Egan Landscape Group today at 508-224-9300.

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